Massage uniquely applied for any individual: Sports Massage, Rehabilitative Massage, Therapeutic Massage

 Fee Schedule:

45 minutes: $55         60 minutes: $70         75 minutes: $85       90 minutes: $100      New Client: $75

Therapeutic Massage | Body Truing Massage Therapy | Tucson AZNew Client Appointments

If this is your first time scheduling at Body Truing Massage Therapy, please select the New Client Appointment.  This is a 75 minute appointment that includes a longer interview and assessment with a 60 minute hands-on massage.  During the interview we will discuss your health goals and determine the most fitting treatment plan to reach those goals.  Please fill out this form prior to your first appointment: Client History Form

Muscle Maintenance

The Muscle Maintenance Massage is geared toward addressing muscle tension, strains, pain, poor posture, and other soft tissue ailments. This massage will help prevent future injuries by fortifying muscle fibers and creating ease of movement. It incorporates trigger point therapy and myofascial release, two complementary types of massage therapy.  Choose this service if you have a specific issue you would like to address such as: frozen shoulder syndrome, migraines, low and upper back pain including herniated or bulging discs, and sports or work related injuries.

Relax and Recover Massage

From athletes to office workers, everyone can benefit from this massage. Relieve muscle tension, decrease pain, and increase range of motion, all while allowing yourself to fully relax. Promotes circulation, digestion, and re-oxygenates the body.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is composed of three types: Pre-Event, Post-Event, and Training.  Sports Massage draws from Swedish massage techniques and myofascial release, arranged specifically for dealing with the unique needs of an athlete.  Sports Massage protocol can be applied to individuals with physically demanding jobs as well as athletes of all levels to increase performance potential.  For more information about Body Truing Massage Therapy’s services for athletic teams or individual athletes see Sports Massage Services.

Tone and Firm Sports Massage

Improve the way you look, feel, and move!  This is a unique 6 to 8 week protocol to restore muscle balance, tighten and firm the skin, and nourish muscle and connective tissue.  Designed for professional body builders, and individuals who have recently lost weight who want to see the results of their hard work.

Click here for more information about some of the common injuries and ailments that can be greatly helped by massage therapy in combination with self care treatments.

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