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ITB Stretch | Body Truing Massage Therapy Tucson AZ“I’ve been getting treatments from Marly for about two months now.  From the first 5 minutes that we met I just liked her; she is a real easy-going, warm and friendly person.  Then I began to realize how much experience and knowledge she has.  I’m a physician who recently underwent extensive spine surgery. I have found her to be consistently helpful and I’m always impressed by her ability to understand my evolving symptoms and come up with new approaches.  I used to teach and as my students would sometimes say — “she is da bomb!”

“As a runner and active mom, it is often that I experience muscle stiffness and discomfort.  To top that off, an old injury to my neck sometimes becomes problematic, resulting in pain and headaches or migraines. Massage has been recommended to me by both my chiropractor and acupuncturist and I find it to be truly effective in alleviating stiffness, discomfort and pain.  Marly is so personable, knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.  After massage with Marly, any stiffness I’ve had is either gone or extremely diminished.  I feel like the massage Marly provides targets my problem areas and fixes them.  She also provides me with stretching or other techniques to maintain my muscles between sessions.  Thank you, Marly.”

I had an awesome experience with Marly.  She’s super chill, very bright and an excellent massage therapist.  I was coming in with some specific issues and she was able to talk to me during the massage about how all the systems work together — and she did it in really basic, easy-to-understand language!  I found her to be really funny and kind.  I left feeling great and hopeful.


“[The] massage started out on my upper chest even though my upper back and shoulders are my trouble spots.  I have had monthly massages and never had one start on my chest.  I gotta tell you, it was THE best massage I have ever had.  Here it is 2 days later and I still feel loose and relaxed.  Thanks so much.  Would totally recommend it.”

Relaxing Massage Body Truing Massage Therapy Tucson AZ“Highly recommend it! When I first started the series I was in the middle of a weight loss program and the massages helped me to achieve my goals more quickly. I’ve lost a total of 8 inches on my waist and the treatment is not only about losing those inches but keeping the skin tight in that area. I have this problem with water retention, which can be quite hard to get around and make me look heavier than I really am, well while getting these massages done I was so much leaner and feeling lighter too. Also, I had much more energy to workout and motivation to keep a healthier diet. All and all, the overall results are great and Marly is most knowledgeable and pleasant and will make you feel very comfortable.”

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